Bio - Diana Flynn

Diana Flynn was born in Detroit, 1942.

As a child she loved to draw and color. One of her favorite things to draw was flowers. As a little girl she wrote stories and always drew pictures to go with them. The story of Juliaretta came about one evening when her granddaughter asked her to tell her a story. It was late so both soon went to sleep. The next day Diana wrote and illustrated the story of Juliaretta. It was the first in a series of over 20 stories that have been written about the adventures of Juliaretta and her bird friend, Booney. Diana continues to work on the illustrations for some of these stories.

Diana has taught senior citizen arts and crafts classes for 20 years and has taken drawing and painting classes herself. She has also made and sold handmade baskets at arts and crafts shows for many years.

Diana also has a book of poems and another story that she has written and illustrated from her youth. Both are unpublished.

Please contact Diana for guest appearances or a storytelling event!